We help regional businesses be more strategic and compliant and individuals be more efficient and effective.
Since 2005, the House Paddock team have provided training and consulting services to regional businesses, industry groups and individuals.
Our services provide practical solutions to real issues.
We love working with businesses, groups and individuals to plan and prioritise, manage business risk, meet compliance requirements
and get the best out of their business, their work, their life and their day!
About House Paddock Consulting and Training
We love helping businesses be more professional through business and strategic planning, and the development of systems, policies and procedures for Work Health and Safety and Human Resource Management. We also love helping business refresh, recharge, reboot and get everyone "back on the bus".
program to improve clarity, direction, productivity and efficiency in your personal and professional life.

The Spring Clean is a program for anyone who wants to improve their balance, productivity, efficiency, and generally the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

It's for those who want to turn dreams and goals into achievable strategies!
It's for those who don't want to look back on 2021 with regret that they didn't achieve what they were hoping to.

It's for those who want the tools and tips to make practical, tangible changes in every day life!

A practical compliant WHS Program without the overwhelm.
Grab our TOP 5 tips today to help you with your WHS.
Click here to get my FREE TOP 30 tips for Time Management sent straight to your inbox.
Grab our 30 tips to help you improve your Time Management.
Click here to get my FREE TOP 30 tips for Time Management sent straight to your inbox.
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