Do you want to make 2024
your year to shine?
Are you ready to take GOOD to GREAT?
(Or maybe in a bit of a rut?)
Do you need a hand to gain some clarity
of your direction & understand your WHY?
Do you need some REAL goals
and a plan to achieve them?
Do you want to understand how to get more out of your day, your week and your year?
Are you looking for accountability and need someone in your corner?
Do you want to build the mindset, language, habits, rituals and routines for success?
If any of this struck a cord,
we have a solution for you!
12 Week personal development and coaching program delivered by Bec Fing and Heidi Smith which includes:
  • 10 live online sessions -  including content rich learning sessions with group discussion, accountability and group learning
  • Online portal containing videos, links, reading and learning materials
  • 4 workbooks to turn chalk and talk into practice change and action
  • 2 x one on one coaching session with Bec or Heidi to focus in on YOUR learnings, goals and challenges
  • Facebook group for sharing ideas, supporting each other and building a network of like minded people
  • Weekly check in email to keep you on track and accountable 
This 12 weeks of rich goodness,
with the support and knowledge
of not one but TWO leaders in this field,
for only $1495
Content covered in the 4 modules:
  • 1. Understand your where and why - provide clarity of direction for your life!
  • 2. Goals and strategy - what are you trying to achieve and how are you going to do it.
  • 3. Time management and planning - how to put rubber on the road.
  • 4. Execution and mindset - rituals, routines, labels, excuses, habits... get it right once and for all!
Module Content 
- Where are you going... in life??
- What is your mission and vision?
- What are your values?
- What are you trying to achieve?

- How to create goals that resonate with you
- What are SMART goals
- How to create effective strategies to reach your goals

- Where do you spend your time
- Mapping your time
- Planning
- Improving efficiency
- Prioritisation

- Mindset
- Motivation vs discipline
- Physical and mental health
- Decision Fatigue
- Habits
- Preparation and communication

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What is the commitment?
The program runs over a 12 week period with our first webinar being held July. 
There are 8 x 90 minute webinars across the 12 weeks.  
At your own leisure, you will work through 4 modules including some watching (or listening!), reading and workbooks. While each module would take 1-2 hours to complete start to finish, you could take a longer or shorter time depending on interest.
The other commitment is to 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions with either Bec or Heidi. These will be scheduled to suit you and your coach's diary and held preferably via Zoom. 
The content in our online course will be available for a full 12 months! Great to refer to over and over or, move through at your own pace without delay.

Our Facebook group with provide opportunities to engage with others in your life or business along the way to discuss and share ideas.
When does it start?
The program is available for instant access as soon as you sign up!
You will be provided a login password when you register and be right to start!
Our first webinar will kick off July! 
Why Bec Fing & Heidi Smith.
Bec and Heidi are same same but different.
Business Women.
Results focused.
Both committed to being a better version of theirselves, day after day. 
Bec and Heidi have studied, researched and learnt about productivity, planning and efficiency so they could keep multiple balls in the air and have their cake and eat it too. They quickly realised there is no such thing as managing time, just the opportunity to manage yourself and that it is very possible to improve productivity and efficiency... as long as you clarity of what you are trying to achieve, have a plan and the discipline stick to it!
Bec Fing spreads her time between her consulting business House Paddock Training and Consulting and retail businesses Bec Fing Designs and Meld Lifestyle.  She is a mother and wife and optimistic opportunist - she gets the juggle. 
Heidi Smith runs a consulting business, is actively involved in the family farming business and is an accomplished horsewomen. She is a fitness advocate and prioritises mental and physical wellbeing in amongst her busy day.
Same circus... different juggling.
Together and in their own right, Bec and Heidi run a range of personal development and coaching programs that have helped thousands women improve their balance, set and reach their goals and improve their sense of fulfilment and achievement.
This program offers a unique mix of 40 years of combined practise in seeking to be a better version of ourselves. Never previously offered a  brew of content delivery and learning mixed with group coaching, individual support and networking for growth and accountability. 
Who have we worked with?
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One off payment of $1495
12 months access to great online content
4 content rich modules 
8 Online Sessions 
Practical workbooks
Lifetime access to private Facebook group.
2 x 1:1 coaching sessions
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$279 per fortnight (6 Payments)
12 months access to great online content
4 content rich modules 
8 Online Sessions
Practical workbooks
Lifetime access to private Facebook group.
2 x 1:1 coaching sessions
If you have any further questions or want to clarify details please email [email protected]