About House Paddock Consulting and Training
We love helping businesses be more professional through business and strategic planning, and the development of systems, policies and procedures for Work Health and Safety and Human Resource Management. We also love helping business refresh, recharge, reboot and get everyone "back on the bus".
Why House Paddock Training and Consulting?

Rebecca Fing is the Founder and Managing Director of House Paddock Training and Consulting based in Goondiwindi. A wife, mum, a susie-homemaker-wanna-be-gardener, side hustler and country girl through and through.

Bec established House Paddock in 2005 and has since been helping industries, groups, businesses and individuals manage their business, their people, their projects, their safety and most importantly... themselves! This has been through the training and workshop delivery, one on one coaching and mentoring, project management and facilitation.

Whether it is the big picture planning or the more detailed side of the business in Work Health and Human Resource Management, Bec takes a no frills, practical approach from the ground up. "Process and adoption over paperwork" and "engagement from the outset" are two mantras Bec subscribes to when helping businesses, particularly with WHS and HR. Formal qualifications in WHS and HR as well as an active and established relationship with the relevant regulatory bodies for WHS and HR ensure that the advice Bec provides, while practical, is well founded and credible.

Helping business owners, managers and up-and-comers be more personally effective – ie get their shit together – is a huge priority for Bec. This interest came from the acknowledgement that one of the barriers to personal and business growth and effectiveness was the actual conduct of the people running the show! Actually planning for outcomes and having the tools and habits to get the job done! Bec has helped over 400 people improve their time management and personal effectiveness through workshops and coaching and truly believes that we really can "have it all"... if we have the know-how, a plan and put it into action.

Bec relies on an amazing admin team to keep the home fires of House Paddock burning. Jen and Heather provide support in logistics, processing, paperwork and admin. In addition, Bec regularly calls on support and input from contract project managers, legal eagles, graphic designers and people who know money when the need arises! Partnerships and collaboration allows flexibility and agility to meet client.

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