House Paddock's
Ultimate Time Management Tool
Our 2024 Annual Planner
The secret to using your time effectively is having a plan!

And every great plan, involves a PLANNER.

For years, our planner has made our team and customers more efficient and productive. 
Our Planners have helped hundreds of people improve their time management, balance and achieve results.
It has allowed us to have our cake and eat it too!
Bec Fing and the House Paddock Team know time management and efficiency and set out to create the ultimate time management tool... a good old fashioned paper based planner to help plan and execute commitments and activities.
And we ended up creating not one but THREE... one for everyone!
- A full annual planner for 2024 that is perfect to stay on a desk or table - think a full dated diary... is big... but so very beautiful
- Our Quarterly - an undated planner for 90 days - perfect if you are on the move and need something more portable! And you can start using it at any point!
- A A2 wall planner for 2024 - your year in one view!
Our range of planners
2024 Annual Planner
2024 A2 Wall Planner
Monthly tabs, a ribbon marker and a monthly email to check non how your year is going... how cool is that?
And just when you thought it couldn't get any better? We give you 2 choices!
Quarterly Planner
A more portable option...
Un-dated so start using it any month!
With 2 beautiful design choices!
For only $49!
Want a full years worth or some for your team??
For every 3 you buy, we will throw in the
4th one for free.
What's included in the annual & quarterly planner?
1. Detailed instructions - an ultimate "how to" Guide for using our planner
- 5 pages of tips and tricks on how to use the planner efficiently & effectively whilst also helping you to set goals!
2. Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planning Templates 
- Plenty of detail, space and opportunity to map out plans and create a perfect to-do-list.
- scheduling spaces so you never miss an appointment or deadline!
- segregation so you can prioritise task in order of value and importance
- Mindfulness spaces for gratitude and reflection
3. Summary & Reflection Templates
- Monthly reflection page so you can see what went well and what you can do better
Let Bec talk you through the planner!
This is more than a diary...
Bec has been teaching people to be more personally effective and efficient for 15 years.
When Buying our annual planner, not only do you get a pre-recorded tutorial on how to nail your time management but you will get a email check in from Bec to keep you on track, provide encouragement and keep you accountable! What a bonus!
This bonus might be just what you need.. 
This is more than a diary.
It's more than a planner.
It's a tool to help you understand priorities, plan, achieve results and regain balance.
There is 168 hours in a week, every week of our lives. Our success comes down to how we use them. Good time management, requires good self management... and the ultimate planner!
"This planner is a game changer! No more unachievable to-do lists. Just strategic movements towards my goals "
— Vanessa, Dubbo, NSW