Do you need help managing life?
Do you want some clarity?
No time for yourself?
Do you want some balance?
Wish you could claw back some time?
Get more done and get your life back!!!
- Are you wanting to make 2022 count?
- Have you heard yourself say "I don't have time"?
- Are there parts of your work or personal life that just don't get the attention they deserve?
- Are you looking for tools and tips to improve your efficiency?
- Are you looking for tried and tested templates to plan and manage your months, your week and your day?
- Are you interested in working with team that has helped over 1500 people do all of the above?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, 
keep reading... we have the solution for you!
Introducing House Paddock Training and Consulting's
Spring Clean your Life!!
If you want to regain control of your time, be clear on what you are trying to achieve in life and put strategies in place to get the job done - then read on!
The Spring Clean is a 4 part system to help you:
  • Understand your where and why - provide clarity of direction for your life!
  • Focus on goals and strategy - what are you trying to achieve and how are you going to do it.
  • Time management and planning - how to put rubber on the road.
  • Execution and mindset - rituals, routines, labels, excuses, habits... get it right once and for all!
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What is the Spring Clean?
What will you  ACTUALLY get?
12 months access to a 4 module program jam packed with incredible material to help improve clarity, direction, productivity, efficiency and balance!
By the end of the 4 module program you would have explored and implemented the following:
- A clear understanding of what is important to you - your long term vision and direction, your current priorities and your core values
- Short and long term clarity about what you are personally trying to achieve
- support to set goals that truely resonate with you - your values and direction - that are S.M.A.R.T (we'll explain that!) and ACHEIVABLE
- tools to create a strategy to reach your goals... so they are no longer pipe dreams
- guidance and templates to support your planning... monthly, weekly and daily
- tools, tips and tricks to improve efficiency and drive your productivity through the roof
- information and tools to improve balance, mental and physical wellbeing and increase personal and professional fulfilment

What more could you need to kick the next year out of the park? 
How will it be presented?
Informative recordings to watch (or listen to!) at any time, anywhere
Bite sized recordings to provide details and knowledge to get the job done. There are over a dozen short videos in the program which can be downloaded and listened to on a walk or in the car or watched on a screen. They relate to the written content and refer to workbook questions.

The recorded topics include:

- Where are you going?
- Know your values
- How to set the RIGHT goals
- How to create effective strategies
- do you do it?
- Managing time
- Tips for increasing efficiency

Written content to confirm your learnings
Easy to read conversational-style text to explain concepts and ideas and their relevance to the topic. Dot points, images, tables - all easy to understand and practical for implementation into busy lives. 
Workbooks to put it ALL into practice
It's ok to listen and watch and read.... but how do you take it from someone else's context into your own?
Through a series of though provoking, challenging questions and exercises that will help you put the information you have received into practise. In your life, from today. 

Each of the 4 modules has a workbook that is easy to download and either fill in with your favourite pen or type directly into. Keep it, add to it and refer to it along the way.
Life time access to a private Facebook group
If you sign up, you receive LIFETIME access to a private Facebook group that is only for Spring Cleaners... a community of like minded people where we can share tips, tricks, learning and ideas. Inspire and encourage others and be inspired yourself.

Maybe share your goals and find an accountability buddy? Seek clarity, share a favourite podcast or learning...

The House Paddock team will moderate the group and provide regular update, input, answer and weekly inspiration!
Who it is for?
The Spring Clean is a program for anyone who wants to improve their balance, productivity, efficiency, and generally the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

⏰ It's for those who consider themselves "bad time managers" but are ready to quit the excuses and make some practical changes

⏰It's for those who feel they are on a treadmill and are "busy" but not necessarily achieving anything.

⏰It's for those who want to get more out of their day and rid themselves of the feeling of dread and overwhelm because commitments aren't being met and "first things" aren't first!

⏰It's for those who want to turn dreams and goals into achievable strategies!
It's for those who don't want to look back on their year with regret that they didn't achieve what they were hoping to.

⏰It's for those who want the tools and tips to make practical, tangible changes in every day life!
It's for those who know what to do but want to be held accountable to actually do it!
Who it is not for?
Subscribing to this program without the intention of changing behaviors and habits is a waste of time. The hundreds of tools, tips, templates, and ideas provided in this program WILL change your life if you are willing to make the changes that are required to put them into place.... but they won't work unless you do.

👎🏽It is not those who are happy to hide behind excuses.

👎🏽It is not for those who believe they were BORN late.... BORN unorganized.... BORN a procrastinator.... And it can't be changed.

👎🏽It is not for those unable to commit to small changes that will have big impacts.

If you aren't interested in increasing their productivity, efficiency and sense of achievement and fulfilment, this program is not for you.
What is the commitment?
The content will be available in the online capacity for a full 12 months! Great to refer to over and over or, move through at your own pace without delay.

At your own leisure, you will work through 4 modules including some watching (or listening!), reading and workbooks. While each module would take 1-2 hours to complete start to finish, you could take a longer or shorter time depending on interest. 

You may like to engage with others in your life or business along the way to discuss and share ideas.
What will I have at the end?
By the end of the Spring Clean you will have the knowledge, confidence and know how required to make 2022 and beyond, great! 

You will be equipped with the templates and resources to develop and execute goals and make plans to improve the productivity and efficiency of your month, week and day.
You will have the know-how to amend behaviours or change habits to improve balance and increase your sense of confidence and fulfilment.

You will have ongoing support, through the Facebook Group, to keep the momentum going, be held accountable and stay motivated. 
When does it start?
The program is available for instant access as soon as you sign up!
You will be provided a login password when you register and be right to start!
Why House Paddock Training & Consulting?
Bec Fing and her team at House Paddock Training and Consulting have been helping people with personal and business planning and productivity  for the last 10 years.

As a mother and wife, a business owner and side hustling artist; Bec gets the juggle. She originally studied, research and learnt about productivity, planning and efficiency so she, herself, could theoretically "have it all". She quickly realised there is no such thing as managing time, just the opportunity to manage yourself and that it is very possible to improve productivity and efficiency... as long as you have a plan and and discipline stick to it! 

She has developed and presented a range of leadership and coaching programs that have helped over 1000 women improve their balance, set and reach their goals and improve their productivity and profitability and often delivers training, workshops and key note addresses about topics. 
Who have we worked with?
12 months access to great online content
4 modules of easy to follow short videos.
Tips, tools, and tricks to help guide you.
Practical workbooks
Lifetime access to private Facebook group.
One time only payment of $495 
If you have any further questions or want to clarify details please email [email protected]