Cotton Australia & House Paddock Training and Consulting Presents
- Are you kept up at night worrying about WHS?
- Is the worry of an injury or death in your workplace hanging over your head?
- Is WHS your business nemesis?
- Don't know where to start, so you haven't?
- Can't find the customised help you need?
- Want a structured, supported, straightforward approach?
- Have all the theory but have not used any of it?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, 
keep reading... we have the solution for you!
Introducing House Paddock Training and Consulting's
WHS Support for QLD Cotton Growers
A practical compliant WHS Program
without the overwhelm.
What actually is the program?
What will you get?
It has 6 parts! 
PART 1. A face-to-face workshop to introduce the program and to answer your WHS Questions
This 6 hour workshop is the perfect Segway to improving your farm's WHS. We will answer your questions, talk about safety culture and provide an outline of a compliant WHS system. We will also show you around our online portal so can access resources after the workshop. 
NEW Workshop dates and locations are below
PART 2. Resources to put a compliant WHS system in place in your farming business – from start to finish. This will include recordings, coaching, tools and templates - the lot!
By the end of the program you would have explored and implemented the following:
- Full farm safety audit
- Safety Culture - making safety a priority and getting the team on board
- Consultation - having the conversation
- WHS planning - where do you start and stop
- Induction - for contractors and staff
- Emergency planning
- Training - register and plan with tools for implementation
- Workplace risk assessment and action planning
- Injury prevention and return to work

PART 3. Informative recordings to watch at any time, anywhere
Bite sized recordings to provide details and knowledge to get the job done.
The explanation required to put a practical WHS system in place and change business culture.
These are suitable to watch in your own time and wherever you please.

The recorded topics include:
- Getting the legal stuff right - who has to do what and to what extent?
- Getting the team on board – developing a safety culture and effective consultation.
- Making the workplace safe - risk assessments, audits, hazard identification, electrical safety, machinery, signage, PPE... the list goes on!
- Showing due diligence – induction, training, emergency planning, the process and the paper trail.

PART 4. Content & Q & A sessions
 Q&A webinar sessions  to answer your questions, provide examples and share stories.

This opportunity allows us to provide  context, clear up any confusion and also provides a collaborative approach to tackling the WHS hurdles.

These sessions will be run via zoom and recorded so you can watch them later.
The program for these sessions will be made available after the workshops
PART 5. One-on-one support available
At no cost, each participant in the program will receive additional one-on-one coaching and support.

This includes up to 2 x one hour telephone or Skype session to answer questions about their WHS system. 
In addition, Cotton Australia Regional Managers can come on farm and assist you to implement the content in an effort to prepare for MyBMP audit or re-accreditation.
PART 6. Over 80 templates provided
House Paddock has spent over 15 years fine-tuning templates and resources for WHS.
We are confident we have curated a collection of templates that are practical, usable and sufficient.

They have been review by the regulators and possibly the highlight of this program.

Save yourself hours of time searching with our fully editable templates provided for you to tailor to your business.

You do not have to start from scratch, we have done most of the work for you!
Who it is for?
This program is for any QLD Cotton Grower who wants to implement a compliant Work Health and Safety program in their business. It will also support you to progress to MyBMP accreditation or prepare you for reaccreditation!

It requires the participants to have a desire to complete and initiate a WHS program within their business with the support of the House Paddock team.

It is for businesses who want tools, tips and tricks to change the business culture and improve safety.

It is designed for farming businesses of any size, who are interested in getting on top of their WHS and putting a compliant system in place.

It is for businesses who want to make a change but don't know where to start.

It is for businesses who are willing to do the work, but want some support.


Who it is not for?
The WHS Online Bootcamp for Agriculture is not simply going to "make WHS go away". If that's what you are looking for, this program isn't for you.

If you think paying the money and doing nothing will result in compliance, this program isn't for you.

But if you are ready to take stock, make positive change and put some energy and effort into your WHS in a supported and compliant fashion, then is then the program is for you.
Why House Paddock Training and Consulting?
Bec Fing and her team at House Paddock Training and Consulting has been helping farmers for the last 10 years with WHS across the eastern seaboard.
Improving safety on Aussie farms is at the top of our agenda and helping as many people as possible is our aim.

'Process and adoption over paperwork' and 'engagement from the outset' are two mantras Bec subscribes to when helping businesses, particularly with WHS. She has formal qualifications in Agriculture, WHS and HR, as well as an active and established relationship with the relevant regulatory bodies for WHS and HR. This ensures that the advice Bec provides, while practical, is well founded, credible and relevant.

See what others have had to say who have worked with us before!
"House Paddock WHS training has revolutionised the way we are living WHS on our farm. We are no longer looking at the WHS as a chore but rather as a way of making sure all our crew go home to their families safe and well at the end of each and every day. WHS for us is a conversation rather than a lecture and we are all along on the journey.
Bec's presentation style brings some fun to the very serious subject matter she presents and this makes the information even more memorable.
I left this program with all the tools I need to implement a WHS plan for our business which ticks the compliance box but more importantly makes safety part of our workplace culture. I highly recommend any WHS program Bec runs!"

"Running a family farming business doesn't excuse you from WHS legislation, it exacerbates your need for solid, clear, current knowledge on the topic. Bec Fing is the person you need educating you on WHS.
No matter how big your crops or fat your livestock, if you don't have WHS under control in your business you risk losing the lot, family members included.
Bec Fing understands family farming businesses and is a WHS legislation expert. You need a WHS education from Bec so you can enjoy the future with your family and your farm.
If farming is your life then put WHS training front and centre. Bec Fing is the industry expert who will give you the confidence, capability and clarity to run your farms safely and in line with legal requirements."
What will I have at the end?
By the end of the program you will have a useable, practical and comprehensive WHS system for your business.

You will be equipped with the skills and resources to amend or change the plan as the need arises.

You will know where to turn when you employ someone, how to avoid an accident and what to do if a workplace injury does happen.

You will have the know-how on how to implement the WHS plan in your business and how to bring your teammates along for the ride!
What others say about working with House Paddock Consulting and Training....
Megan, Moree
"Bec knows safety. She gets farming. She has saved us time, money and greatly reduced the risk of an accident."
Anthony, Dubbo
"Bec helped us get our WHS system in order. It went from very basic to very impressive. But still useable and doable"
Mary, Dalby
"WHS is a critical part of rural operations and Bec simplifies it and explains it in a useful and practical way"
Cotton Australia's WHS support for QLD Cotton Growers
Specialised for the cotton industry
One on One coaching
Over 80 WHS templates
Face-to-face workshop
Additional Webinars
If you have any further questions or want to clarify details please email [email protected] or call Bec on 0427 107 234